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Switzerland Condensed Extra Bold Font Free 53 [March-2022]

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Switzerland Condensed Extra Bold Font Free 53 [March-2022]




Aloha hey :) czajkowski, what are your thoughts about an ssh based authentication system? kazade: not sure about your thoughts but I can give a few points on it 1. Can be better on security than passwords if done correctly 2. If you're already logged in there is no way you can use it 3. Can mean you have to keep the ssh server on so this is easily mitigated by putting it in your home that sounds good you have to be careful to get the permissions right on the folder and all the files in there there are ways to do this but they all mean manual entry of your password each time there is also the issue of configuring SSH to put your password in and not ask for one when you connect which means you need to remember your password this is harder to get right ultimately it's the same as loggin in to a website if you're logged in to a site you can't do anything if you don't want to use passwords... so does this mean you always need to know the password? if you are already logged in yes you can connect, do things if you are not logged in then you can't so you login to an ssh server in the home, open a terminal and ssh to a machine and then when you're there you do your work easy can also be used on multiple machines you can use keys instead of passwords which is better but not as easy so what do you use to authenticate? I thought you meant an already authenticated connection when you get to the point of creating your own ssh server... do google for it :) there are lots of guides on it




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